Camera-Ready Educators: Video As a Learning Staple

By: Paul Teske and Sarah Brown Wessling. Video can enhance learning in a variety of ways including teaching new content, differentiation, scaffolds and support, and management.

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Future of Learning

Remote Work as a Long Term Solution for Schools

By: Kate Eberle Walker. In a post-pandemic world, to remain attractive as employers, school districts should consider remote work solutions to win the battle for employee retention. 

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Credentialed Learning

How might we rethink the ways students show their genius? With Credentialed Learning, students have ownership of creating their academic selves, determine where they’re headed  and with whom they share their journey. Credentialed Learning throws out the traditional measurements of success and signals a new way to show human…


Kauffman Real World Learning

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to partner with the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation on a number of different education and learning initiatives. Our most recent partnership focuses on Real World Learning, an initiative to get high school students varied and formative hands-on experiences doing real work within their communities.


Future of Learning Council

Getting Smart has partnered with the Future of Learning Council to bring flexible personalized leadership coaching and capacity building to Michigan School Districts. Thanks to a partnership with the Future of Learning Council, coaching will be $500 per hour, or your team can purchase a package of five coaching sessions…