Future of Learning

Creativity Made Easy: How Your Students Can Practice the Skill for the 21st-Century

[…] bad about yourself and thinking you are behind compounds the problem. It cuts our self-confidence. With our new zealous attempt to cut the learning loss, are we preparing kids for a job world where employers value innovation and creativity as a number one job skill? Do kids really learn important skills when they memorize? Memorization […]

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Competency-Based Education

Amplifying Student Voice to Design the Vision for Learning

[…] founded in my district and I happily jumped on board. What I found was a new approach to education that allowed me to expand my expertise while preparing me to face the world. Grades were replaced by competencies which aimed to develop my skills as a learner rather than suppress it and projects were […]

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Career & Technical Ed

As a City Transforms, Schools Open Career Pathways for Students

[…] The district hopes to return Newark to the place it once held among the highest-performing school districts in the nation, and contribute to the city’s revitalization by preparing the next generation of its workforce for the skilled jobs that await them. Our strategy is working. Enrollment increases, attendance rates, and graduation rates are all […]

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Getting Through

School Vaccine Hub Publishes Curricular Resources for Teachers to Help Students Learn About COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy

[…] School Communities Can Power Human-Centered Design and Inclusive Innovation How to Reopen Schools: A 10-Point Plan Putting Equity at the Center To Reopen, America Needs Laboratory School Preparing to Reopen: Six Principles That Put Equity at the Core Reopening Schools: A Scheduling Map for Educators to Plan the Who, What, When, Where, and How […]

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New Pathways

How Teacher Beliefs Transform Student Outcomes: The Impact of Collective Educator Agency

[…] to families to build relationships that promote learning. Align the work – A collective belief that all students should be prepared to succeed motivates educators to collaborate when preparing lessons. They increasingly align policies and practices to reflect their shared vision that all students can succeed in college, career, and life. Advocate for students – When […]

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Equity & Access

It’s Time to Reimagine Our Accountability Systems

[…] and network leaders, we sit on the balconies of our districts and have the privilege of having a holistic view of how we ensure that we are preparing our students for successful futures. We hold this responsibility with great care and have experienced a period of rapid change, innovation, and iteration. We have become […]

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