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Deeper Learning Requires Deeper Relationships?

[…] relationships, well-being, and connection, which are valued for their own sake, not just as a means to some academic end.  If you ask the educators in these deeper learning schools why they devote so much time toward community, they reply that it’s about ‘relationships.’ Of course, educators in more traditional schools also claim that relationships […]

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Personalized Learning

3 Ways Leaders Can Create The Conditions for Deeper Learning

Leaders are charged with creating the learning culture and environment that is conducive to deeper learning. Three areas to begin with are how we start school, how we share student work and how we culminate the year.

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Difference Making

Think Global, Act Local: How to Embed SDGs in your school and Community

[…] questions around SDGs to empower your students to take action? Where is there existing flexibility in your yearly schedule? How might you use this time to offer deeper learning experiences? The ‘Enrichment’ or ‘After School Program’ Model: Developing Citizenship and Social Responsibility through community-driven and student-generated projects at The Medford Center Imagine your students working with […]

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Can’t Miss Education Conferences in 2022

[…] education and professional organizations, entrepreneurs, faculty from higher education organizations, students, parents, and community leaders—in service of addressing complex problems and issues of inequity in educational outcomes. Deeper Learning Conference March 29-31, 2022; San Diego, CA In-Person and Online DL2019 is the 7th annual gathering of educators and leaders focused on creating more opportunities for […]

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Future of Learning

5 Ways PBL Set A Clearer Vision for My Career Aspirations

[…] purposeful crossover in skills and knowledge associated with each of these steps that are taken. 3. Engaging in depth over breadth on important concepts and issues Incorporating deeper learning is essential to project-based learning, placing an emphasis on thinking more than knowing. In order to truly learn something, it must be accomplished by the act […]

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