Equity & Access

Having our Cake and Eating It Too

David Cook shares the chief elements of a learner-centered system and why measuring all learners the same doesn't work.

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Getting Through

How Can Schools Grow from Coronavirus?

By: Ross Wehner and Dr. Kirk Wheeler. There are many silver linings to this unplanned shift to remote teaching and learning. Schools and teachers are seizing the opportunity to adopt new and improved practices around preparation, communication, engagement and personalization.

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Project-Based Learning

Defining High-Quality Project-Based Learning

Discover how the new Framework for High-Quality Project-Based Learning helps educators better prepare students to contribute in the innovation economy.

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Competency-Based Education

Getting Smart Town Hall Recap: Let’s Talk About C.B.E.: Competency-Based Everything

On the most recent Getting Smart Town Hall, Let’s Talk about C.B.E.: Competency-Based Everything, we brought in a few of our friends to serve as guests and lend their valuable expertise to the audience’s wonderings about competency-based education (CBE). We were joined by Claudette Trujillo of Westminster Public Schools, Laura…

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