The Moving Forward Together coalition coalesced around the opportunity to build an agile coalition to support SEAs in responding to the current crisis in a way that helps SEAs create a better, more learner-centered system.  Anchoring this coalition are:

Altitude Learning provides learner-centered technology solutions to support competency-based, personalized and authentic learning both through LEAs and direct to families through Altitude Learning @Home. Leaders in learner-centered technology and practice, Altitude’s staff literally wrote the books on Learner Centered Leadership and Learner Centered Innovation.

Getting Smart is a prolific thought leader in learning innovation uniquely situated to help LEAs establish your approach to innovating for your state’s context. Getting Smart provides a variety of key implementation supports from program design to communications.

The coalition is led by Devin Vodicka, Chief Impact Officer at Altitude and former CA Superintendent of the Year, and Tom Vander Ark, CEO at Getting Smart, former Superintendent in WA State, and the first Executive Director of Education for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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Altitude Learning

Supporting Statewide Change Through Microgrants to Families

By: Tom Vander Ark & Devin Vodicka. In the first of a short series, Tom Vander Ark and Devin Vodicka discuss how microgrants can allow families more agency to provide and make decisions that's best for them and their children.
Online Learning

Supporting Statewide Change Through Virtual Course Access Models

Devin and Tom discuss how states can use virtual learning opportunities to reach all students.
impact framework

Supporting Statewide Change Through New Models For Remote Education

By: Tom Vander Ark & Devin Vodicka. During this pandemic, learning is taking new forms and it's important to seize the moment to introduce entirely new models for learning that are capable of achieving equitable outcomes.

Supporting District Change Through Learner-Centered Leadership

By: Devin Vodicka and Tom Vander Ark. In times of uncertainty and rapid change, Devin and Tom outline a leadership style that places students at the center of your planning and re-opening work.

Organizing a Modern Edtech Stack for Modern Pedagogy, Part II: The...

In part two of a series of investigating your edtech stack, Eric outlines how to evaluate your LMS.

Why Learner-Centered Education is the Key to Meaningful School Improvement

By: Katie Martin and Devin Vodicka. In this article, Katie and Devin identify some of the most-broadly adopted methods developed by educators to differentiate support and improve learning design.

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impact framework

Moving Forward Together Bundle

This blog bundle holds all of the key findings from our four post series on what Moving Forward Together is and how we can move forward together.