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What Makes High Quality PBL?

High Quality Project Based Learning

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PBL is increasingly recognized as a powerful instructional practice, both in the United States and around the world. More and more teachers are trying to use project-based methods to engage their students in meaningful deeper learning.While the popularity of PBL is heartening, its rapid growth is also cause for educators to collaborate and discuss what exemplary PBL looks like. Currently, there is no widely-accepted description of exemplary PBL to guide aspiring teachers and school leaders. This is an obstacle to quality PBL, placing educators in the situation of trying to determine what is best practice.

The aim of this campaign is to create a Framework for High Quality PBL that can be used by educators in classrooms, schools, districts and states. The purpose of the Framework is to increase widespread and consistent use of high quality PBL and cultivate project management skills.

The project is led by 25 leaders involved in PBL organizations or practices from around the world, who are working directly to write the guidelines. This group will then collect public feedback and more intimate critique and edits from an advisory committee of more than 100 education leaders also vested in PBL. In addition, feedback from the public will be included in each iteration of the guidelines.

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