Getting Smart has launched the Getting Through series to support educators, leaders and families on the path forward during such an uncertain time. This series will provide resources and inspiration as we face long term school closures, new learning environments, and address equity and access from a new lens. Whether you are just getting started with distance or online learning, or you’ve had plans in place and have the opportunity to share your work and guidance with others, there is a place for your voice and an opportunity to learn. Interested in contributing to this campaign? Email your stories and ideas to or tweet using #GettingThrough to participate!

Remote Learning Could be a Good Time for a Capstone Project

With many schools closing their doors for the year, a capstone project may be a perfect culminating project that prepares students for their postsecondary plans.

Podcast: Kristi Dominguez & Ellen Dorr: Leading Central Systems Through COVID-19...

Kelly Niccolls talks with Kristi Dominguez & Ellen Dorr about leading through COVID-19 and these unprecedented circumstances.

Teaching Online in the Time of Coronavirus

By: Norton Gusky. In collaboration with his educational colleagues, Norton Gusky identifies ways to redesign learning using the online platform that is their only option for instruction right now.

The Growing Need for Online Teachers

COVID-19 will surely mark a dramatic change in the teaching practices and employment of many teachers. David Ross highlights some of the many opportunities to be explored in online teaching.
person using tablet for building a school community

5 Ways to Enhance Teacher Super-Powers During COVID-19

During COVID-19 school closures, teachers have kept the focus on students and not allowed learning to stop. In this time, Whittle School & Studios has launched strategic Professional Learning initiatives to focus on and empower its teachers.

Getting Through: Leading Through And To A New Generation Of Learning...

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, leadership is more important than ever, especially in building a new generation of learning systems.

Coronavirus: Keeping Our Children and Ourselves Safe
with Dr. Pamela Cantor

Resources For Remote Learning
from Emerson Collective

The Power Of Place
Place-Based Education

The Future Of Work, Leading and Learning

7 Tips for Parents and Caregivers:
From Turnaround For Children

ASU for You

High School Resources For Learning During COVID-19: 
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Tech for Learners:
Searchable Database

Place to Learn:
Top Learning Playlists from LRNG

Prioritizing Human Connection When Social Distancing Is the New Norm:
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Continuity of Learning Resources:
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Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Remote Education:
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Distance Learning: A Gently Curated Collection of Resources for Teachers