The future of work will bring new challenges and cause us to shift how we think about jobs and employability—so what does this mean for teaching and learning? In our exploration of the #FutureOfWork, sponsored by eduInnovation and powered by Getting Smart, we dive into what’s happening, what’s coming and how schools might prepare.

We are interested in helping communities engage deeply in shaping learning opportunities for students, helping education systems shift their graduate profiles to prepare for the future, and shifting the national conversation around the future of work.

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Ask About AI

Throughout this campaign, we hosted convenings around the country to investigate the civic, social and educational implications of exponential technology. Sponsored by eduInnovation and powered by Getting Smart, the campaign was organized to investigate the implications that AI will have for employment, education and ethics—to start a conversation about how we can shape a future that works for everyone.

After interviewing experts, hosting a dozen community conversations, and posting more than 50 articles, we summarized what we learned in a paper called Ask About AI: The Future of Learning and Work, which explores what’s happening in the automation economy, the civic and social implications, and how to prepare ourselves and our children for exponential change.

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