Post-secondary is a shifting space — four year degrees may not always be the fit and new alternatives are being created at an alarming rate. This topic encompasses everything from higher ed to adult learning and workforce pipelines and development.

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Fidelis Launches Pre-MBA Bootcamp to Support Vets

Last Thursday, Fideslis launched a pre-MBA Bootcamp program for the prior military MBA class of 2014 (courses delivered by UCLA ext). Fidelis provides an end-to-end solution for the military-to-civilian career transition. The collaborate with leading universities, companies, and military organizations.

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MN High School Students Can Take Free College Classes

About half of the states allow high school students to enroll in college courses. Last week Minnesota joined the club with legislation powered by a 'money follows the student' provision. Students can take courses on the college campus or online. Following is a summary written by our friend Joe Nathan.

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Equal Access to College Preparatory Curriculum

By: David Haglund. The California Student Bill of Rights Initiative, a project of Education Forward, seeks to remedy this inequity in access through an initiative slated for the November 2012 ballot.


Why Didn’t Early College Catch Fire?

Ten years ago tomorrow Utah Gov Mike Leavitt and I sat down to breakfast with a small group of reporters to brief them on a plan for a network of six early college high schools.  The briefing was cut short when the governor’s chief of staff whispered in his ear…