Post-secondary is a shifting space — four year degrees may not always be the fit and new alternatives are being created at an alarming rate. This topic encompasses everything from higher ed to adult learning and workforce pipelines and development.

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Cal State Online Picks Pearson: a Q&A With Matthew Leavy

Last month California State University (CSU) announced a partnership with Pearson to expand Cal State Online. It sounded like interesting because K12, Inc., Connections Education, Apex Learning and others are providing similar services to public school districts in K-12. However, I hadn't heard of similar deals in higher education and it sounded like a new line of business for Pearson. So I called Matt Leavy, President of eCollege, a Pearson subsidiary serving higher education.

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NanoProfessor Increases Access to Front-Edge STEM Learning

Nanotechnology is the next boom in science. It explores material science (chemistry, physics, biology) at the scale of one billionth of a meter, such a low level that it’s invisible to the human eye. It includes everything from nanotechnology patents that are making L’Oreal face creams more penetrable to composites used on airplanes and aerospace that are making steal simultaneously stronger and lighter. It’s revolutionizing products across all industries by making them more efficient and durable than ever before.

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Enstitute: Apprenticeship + Cohort = Applied MBA

Enstitute is a new way to think about post-secondary learning. The two year on-ramp to the tech sector could occur before, after, during, or instead of a traditional college experience. The program combines the learn-by-doing benefits of an apprenticeship with individual and cohort learning experiences--an applied MBA.

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Q&A: College Guidance Counseling, For Free!

By: Jaclyn Norton. College Mapper, an online college counseling service, recently launched to provide support for students and parents in the college application process. CEO Susanna Cerasuolo sets out to increase access to higher education for all people through this free service. See below for Cerasuolo’s thoughts on the current-day process of college admissions, and ever changing nature of higher education.

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When Glee Meets FIRST for Coffee and Leaves With an AA

College Board should develop CBFlex, a school-in-a-box offering featuring all the stuff in CBSchools but in a high access flex format. Imagine a school that looks more like Starbucks with a black box theater and a project lab—Glee meets FIRST Robotics for coffee. When students attend competitions, no problem, the school goes on the road. The whole school is cloud-based and completely portable.

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Q&A: What’s GoingOn At Your University?

GoingOn, an academic social networking platform, allows educators and administrators to keep student informed about unique opportunities in their major, courses, interests and more. Jon Corshen, CEO of GoingOn, joins us today to discuss the ways that social networking is expanding opportunities for students, bridging gaps in collaboration and integrating increased back-channeled conversation in and out of the classroom.