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Good Work: Enough but not too much Challenge

Every job has its own unique challenges and rewards. The challenges are often self evident, but the rewards can be subtle, long-term, or indirect. Take time to remind yourself of the rewards that make the work worthwhile.

Ed Policy

School Choice Bill in Utah

Utah has been a leader in innovative online education and the current bill SB65 would allow students in Utah access to AP courses, any foreign language, high level STEM courses and struggling students the option of personalized learning through their choice of virtual and online courses.


Good Work: Urgency

It is interesting to see the dynamic shift social media has caused and how it is changing the world. It has toppled dictators and institutions that we never thought could change and now is a new back door to education.


One-to-One Leadership and Learning at DSST

Our mobile phones are more powerful than desktops. Low income families are able to benefit from low-cost devices. There will soon be a one-to-one device in everyone's hands. So what will that mean education growth, school leadership and innovation in education? Bill Kurtz, CEO of DSST tells us.


Ted Sizer asked us all the think

Ted Sizer asked us to think deeply about accepted norms in American Education.  His books and a series of school visits starting in 1999 shaped my views about secondary school reform. The NYTimes summarized his seminal contribution: The Essential Schools movement sprang from Professor Sizer’s seminal book…