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The role of the private sector in edu

The WSJ reported that “The US government doled out $502 million for a dozen wind and solar energy projects.” The big winner was Iberdrola, a Spanish wind giant. Coming in second was Horizon, a subsidiary of a Portuguese firm. Third place went to a UK owned firm.

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Driving Innovation: Accelerators

By: Norton Gusky. Norton shares more about The CoSN K-12 Driving Innovation Series with three reports - Hurdles, Accelerators, and Tech Enablers.

Personalized Learning

6 Steps For A Successful Online Summer School

By Debi Crabtree. Summer programs give students the opportunity to not only recover credit but also recover learning. The benefits of a virtual summer school implementation — and the lower price tag when compared to traditional summer school models — make online learning an attractive option for resource-challenged districts.


Movies Remind Us, Even Scientific Quests are Personal Ones

By: Janine Ingram. As both new movies, 'Interstellar' and 'The Theory of Everything' explore, it all comes down to this value proposition... What knowledge will we seek, what places will we go, what will we risk, what will we invest in – for those we love?