The Ed Games We Play

The rise of mobile phones usage has prompted discussions about augmented reality and its impact on retail marketing, privacy and reality. We found a blog where the discussion is focused squarely on education and how these types of developments will effect students. Her final point is crucial. Why are these games so boring, if they are really so helpful?


Online in Rhode Island

A quick interview with Deborah Gist, Rhode Island's Commissioner of Education about online learning and new budgeting strategies for the state.

Ed Policy

New iNACOL Report: State Policymakers Guide to K-12 Competency Education

Today iNACOL released Necessary for Success: Building Mastery of World-Class Skills – A State Policymakers Guide to Competency Education co-authored by Susan Patrick and Chris Sturgis. The paper focuses on key changes policymakers can take to remove barriers and create student-centered learning environments that allow for competency education.