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College in High School

1. The conversation we should have with every 8th grader In his state of the union message, President Obama challenged Americans to get at…


Governor Bob Wise Responds to PISA Scores

Former Governor Bob Wise on PISA results: “In what has become the Olympics of academic performance, these international test results show that U.S. students’ performance is improving, but we are still a long way from being an educational Olympic-medal winner."

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Platform deal flow

Seeing more platform plays these days including social learning, adaptive content, and blogging.  Powerful application development platforms are making it so much easier to develop new apps–you can see the difference in 09 code compared to older vintage. Guaranteach was incubated by Christensen-inspired Innosight.  They have more than…

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TheraWeb Meets Students’ Individual Learning Needs

By: Jaclyn Norton. Special education departments in schools throughout the country - namely in rural communities - experience a struggle betweenproviding immediate on-location support to students, while combating challenges that inhibit these counseling resources. Factors such as budget cuts, client distance, and shortage of counselors hinder students access to this specialized support, creating a significant demand for therapy in schools.

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Common Core will help charters & elearning

National Journal‘s question this week is on the common core.  A number of commentators address the standards themselves.  My response points to the benefits for charter networks and content developers. National standards will end the unintended race-to-the-bottom which disproportionately impacts college and career preparation for low income…

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Social Venture Capital Transforming India

EdReformer reporting from Hyderabad, India After serving as chief strategist for Revolution Living (the Steve Case company, no affiliation of Revolution Learning) and Patagonia, Vishal Vasishth returned to India to create an investment house that was a mixture of Goldman Sachs talent and Patagonia values.  Song…