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Kristen Thorson is a Getting Smart Columnist. She is known for her experience as a teacher, interventionist, and curriculum and assessment developer. Connect with her on twitter: @kristenthorson

Creating a Culture of Collaborative Family Engagement

As the spotlight has shifted to the role that families can play in education, many schools are scrambling to identify a starting point for how to invite families into student learning. Here are a few good considerations to keep in mind.

Early Learning Strategies for Developing Computational Thinking Skills

We live in a world with Smartphones and Smarthomes, and understanding how devices work allows us to approach technology as a partner to help us solve problems. Here's how we can start giving kids these skills sooner rather than later.

Homework or No Homework? Maybe We’re Asking the Wrong Question (Part 2)

By: Kristen Thorson and Erin Gohl. By reimagining homework, teachers have the potential to design purposeful experiences that transcend the walls of a classroom and build a solid foundation for learning. Homework can even feel like an opportunity for students and families.

Homework or No Homework? Maybe We’re Asking the Wrong Question (Part 1)

By: Erin Gohl and Kristen Thorson. Academic studies on homework have shown a spectrum of results spanning conclusions that homework is the key to academic success to those saying homework is a waste of student time that damages home life. But what if homework was different?

3 Future-Ready Strategies for Early Learning

In order to help our young students excel in project-based environments, develop cultural competencies, and strengthen social-emotional skills, we must continue to encourage curiosities rather than compliance, questioning rather than silence, and play rather than excessive structure.

Three Key Factors Perpetuating the Socioeconomic Achievement Gap

Our current models of early learning, family engagement and testing in some ways work against our efforts to enable an equal level of sustained growth for the students who need our support the most.

How To Get Students Talking About Their Own Social-Emotional Learning

Getting students talking about their learning is a valuable strategy across all disciplines, and social-emotional learning is no different. Here's how you can get started today.