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Erik manages projects for Getting Smart’s strategic advisory partnerships. With a system-oriented outlook and a background in marketing and communication, he oversees the details that ensure our partners’ initiatives are powerful and effective. Follow him on Twitter @ErkDay.
2 students chatting about what they're working on for their project-based learning assignment at TAF

My First School Visit: Project-Based STEM at TAF

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was first invited to go on a school visit in my home district of Federal Way, where I received my 20th-century education. Read more about how the district is making strides towards next-gen learning here.
a typewriter in a garbage can on top of a pile of crumpled up paper, an image demontrating the need for writing projects for students in the internet era

6 Writing Projects for Students in the Internet Era

Today's students will be expected to write in a variety of new formats when they enter the working world, and it’s important to prepare them to face these challenges. Here are six writing projects to prepare students for wtiting in the internet era.

6 Strategies for Teaching Public Policy

Teaching students to understand public policy can be a challenge, but few topics have as great a power to affect the long-term health of a society. Here are six strategies to help educators teach policy and civic engagement.