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Emily is Vice President of Advocacy at Getting Smart. She believes every young person deserves a world-class education and partners with educators and education-focused organizations to try and help make that a reality. Emily usually is researching and reading about project-based learning, global education, teacher preparation and place-based education. Connect with Emily at @EmilyLiebtag.

Personalized Standards-Based Instruction Tied to Social Emotional Learning

Social-emotional learning does not have to be separate from academic learning or from the rest of the academic day, but can be a part of personalized standards-based instruction. Here are several tools and examples to help.

Teaching is a Project-Based Profession: 10 PBL Teacher Mindsets

Today's teachers who are training students (and our eventual future employees) have a great task at hand preparing students to successfully manage projects. Here are 10 mindsets successful project-based teachers have.

3 Ideas for Using Virtual Reality with Place Based Ed

With the help of virtual reality, place-based education can extend beyond when students are outdoors or visiting a particular location, as well as create equitable opportunities for all students to experience different places.

Maker Education for All Ages

Learners of all ages need the opportunity to learn in a makerspace, regardless of whether or not it is an initiative at their school or place of work. Here are examples of where that is happening and where to go to learn more.

Focus on Fighting Poverty, Not the Students Living in It

In his book Poor Students, Rich Teaching, Eric Jensen shares how focusing on combating the effects of poverty, not on “what poor students cannot do,” to be a key catalyst for change.

Equitable Education for Students in Poverty Starts with the Teacher

In "Poor Students, Rich Teaching," author Eric Jensen discusses how teachers who choose to better understand poverty and work to change mindsets can be one of the biggest factors in making a difference for these students.

Getting Smart Podcast | Back to School: A Time to Thrive

In this podcast, we chat with Dr. Nicole Assisi, Thrive founder, and Jaclyn Vasko, teacher leader, about how back-to-school time looks a little bit different for teachers at Thrive Public Schools than in other districts.