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Alesha Bishop is a tech-savvy mom and a consultant for edtech companies. Alesha quickly recognized the value of the app market for children and families, co-creating Mom Maps--one of the first family-oriented apps--and co-founding the Moms with Apps developer group. She believes in the power of apps to create rich visual and tactile learning environments which can enhance the lives of all kids, especially those with learning differences.

Are You A MacGyver Teacher?

In these days of strapped school budgets, being a MacGyver Teacher is almost a job requirement. So where do MacGyver Teachers turn for additional inspiration? How do you learn from those master MacGyver Teachers out there?

New Site Helps Teachers Find the Best Online Resources

Introducing TeacherPitch, a new website that combines resource sharing and the teacher community experience in one online platform.

A Parent’s Review of ClassDojo

As a parent I want my child’s teachers to have the tools they need to make their teaching as effective as it can possibly be. I can see the value of ClassDojo as one amongst other tools, especially if it is used in a careful, sensitive way that encourages social and emotional learning.

Todo Math: Great Math App for Diverse Learners

All in all, Todo Math is a complete, well-designed app which will serve children through all stages of early elementary math education. Perfect for supplemental math practice at school or at home. And it is well worth the purchase price.

An App that Teaches Kids Self-Regulation

Zones of Regulation app is a useful addition to a therapeutic program focusing on social and emotional skills, and it provides a quick and engaging way for players to learn about the Zones program. 

Kid in Story: The App Inspired by a Mom in Need

Alesha Bishop reviews Kid in Story, an app that effectively assists neurodiverse children (those with ADHD, Autism, and SPD).

Entertaining Story App That Teaches Social Skills

Social and emotional learning is a hot topic in our home. My son is a bright, energetic almost six year old that doesn't always naturally pick up on social cues. I am always on the lookout for fun creative ways to help him enhance his social skills. He loves his iPad, so I was pleased to see the new story book apps created by rubycube™