Schools Worth Visiting

For many years (at least until 2020), we visited about 100 innovative schools a year. It’s the most important form of professional learning we do for ourselves and for the educators that accompany us. It’s how we create and update a shared vision of powerful learning.  This page features some…

Personalized Learning

iLead: Student-Centered, Career Focused, Accelerated Learning

iLead Academy is preparing students to succeed in an increasingly project-based, global economy. Tom recently visited iLead to learn why it's successful, what obstacles they've overcome and what advice they have for others looking to start a new school.

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Getting Smart Podcast | Student-Led One Stone is Transforming Boise

One Stone is a student-led school in Boise, Idaho, that we think is one of the coolest schools in the country. Listen in as students who attend this innovative school share the benefits and lessons they've learned serving on its student-led board.

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Getting Smart Podcast | Project Based Engineering at Olin College

In this episode of the Getting Smart podcast, Tom and Bonnie discuss how project-based learning is more important than ever for students to succeed and share an interview with Olin College of Engineering students who experience project-based engineering.

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Future of Learning

Podcast: 20 Trends in 20 Minutes

In this special edition episode, Tom is flying solo to outline 20 global trends that learning leaders need to consider.

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Competency-Based Education

Business Partners Define Badges for San Diego Students

How industry defined digital badges are supporting authentic, competency-based learning and work experiences that help students build rich, digital portfolios to support their college applications and career aspirations.

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Personalized Learning

Getting Smart Podcast | Santa Ana Unified School District

Santa Ana Unified School District serves a high need southern California community with three important innovations. In this episode we talk with Santa Ana USD's Deputy Superintendent David Haglund about the forward-learning work of the district and the Advanced Learning Academy.

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