Schools Worth Visiting

For many years (at least until 2020), we visited about 100 leading schools a year. It’s the most important form of professional learning we do for ourselves and for the educators that accompany us. It’s how we create and update a shared vision of powerful learning.  This page features some…

Future of Learning

Mythbusters: Flexible Learning in Middle School

Lauren Mehbrach, Chris Beingessner and Chris Raymaakers clarify misconceptions for middle school families about the move to flexible learning spaces. This Singapore American School team shares how it aligns to our changing world and better prepares students for the future. Learn more on the blog.

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Personalized Learning

Why Flexible Learning Environments?

By: Lauren Mehrbach and Chris Beingessner. As we work to provide a more personalized learning experience for our students, we find that physical space is limiting our ability to do so.

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The Promise & Challenge of Student-Centered Learning

From the role of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to policy levers each state should have, Tom takes a deep look into the promise, and challenge, of student-centered learning.

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Smart Lists

Elementary & Middle Schools Worth Visiting

Here at Getting Smart, we think school visits are the best form of professional learning. Based on a couple thousand school visits, and with help from colleagues and readers, we’ve compiled this list of elementary and middle schools worth visiting.

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Future of Work

How Educators Can Prepare for the Future of Work

How do we prepare teachers so that they can, in turn, best prepare the students for the future of work? Rachelle Dene Poth shares thoughts on how educators can prepare themselves for the future through continuous learning.

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