Aligning Dream Team Content with Assessment and Teacher PD

Eric Westendorf, CEO of LearnZillion, shares how, with the help of a teacher Dream Team, LearnZillion connects and aligns curriculum, assessment and professional development to support today's educators.

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The Science of Deliberate Practice: What it Means for Education

There is growing evidence that individuals can achieve high levels of performance through extended training. In this week's episode of the Getting Smart Podcast, Tom chats with Gene Kerns about his new book, which analyzes the implications of this evidence for K-12 education.

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Future of Learning

Podcast: Beth Anderson on Learner Differences

Beth Anderson shares her thoughts on learner differences. She leads the Hill Learning Center, a K–12 non-profit based in Durham, North Carolina.

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K16-Instructional and Tech Integration Model Guide

While a tremendous amount of progress has been made to ensure that all students meet standards, have access to technology and are better prepared for life beyond school, particularly over the past 20 years, oftentimes teachers have to figure out how to get there on their own.

Personalized Learning

Personalized Instruction: The Key to Academic and Career Success

Everyone likes to talk about personalized learning that is focused on a student’s goals, but how do you expose kids to these things when their worlds don’t allow them to understand what opportunities are available to them? Noemi Y. Perez explores.

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Competency-Based Education

New NWEA Chief Chris Minnich on the Future of Assessment

Chris Minnich sees assessment literacy as key to successful assessment, and NWEA has focused on providing extensive professional learning opportunities for teachers to help them to maximize the value of assessments in teaching and learning. Learn more about their approach here.

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Show What You Know

This publication is a landscape analysis of the status of competency-based education in the U.S., including recommendations for action.