Getting Smart Podcast | HigherEd Reinvented: Minerva Goes Global

Minerva founder and CEO Ben Nelson discusses this unique college's innovative undergraduate program that combines four years of world travel with interdisciplinary study to prepare its students for success in the global future.

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Future of Learning

Getting Smart Podcast | Attacking the Global Skills Gap

Mona Mourshed discusses how the Generation social initiative she leads is closing the global youth unemployment gap by placing disconnected young adults in jobs and giving them the skills and support they need for continued success.

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Equity & Access

How Speech and Language Deficits Can Affect a Child’s Academic Success

By: Leanne Sherred. Speech and language challenges can affect how children perform in school, including the development of early literacy skills and their mental well-being. In this post, we discuss how communication difficulties can affect academic performance and the benefits of early intervention.

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Getting Through

What’s Working During COVID

By: Norton Gusky. The pandemic forced educators to rethink how they design learning experiences, and continue to meet the needs of their learning communities. Here are some successful strategies and approaches.

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Project-Based Learning

Empowering Youth to Address Real-World Problems

By: Matt Piercy. Using KIVA as a service-learning project in schools has the capacity to transform students’ lives while impacting the lives of others.

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