Personalized Learning

Pathways to Personalization: Highlander Institute’s Framework for School Change

A problems-of-practice approach also lends itself to models that improve the system we have rather than lead to breakthrough innovations. In particular, it’s hard for one or two pilot teachers to build a competency-based system where students are learning at six different learning levels in multiple subjects.

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Future of Learning

On Spreading Learning Innovations: Pandemic Update

Innovations in learning is one of the most important change forces for good, and developing new ways to scale quality will be as important as new approaches to learning in the future.

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Future of Learning

Invention Opportunity: Measuring What Matters

By: Devin Vodicka. It's time for an invention opportunity around assessments - create new policies, practices, and tools that encourage the development of purposeful goals tied to whole-child and competency-based learning progressions.

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David Conley on Next Generation Assessment

In the latest Getting Smart podcast, Dr. David Conley, a professor in the college of education at the University of Oregon, discusses his new book and offers 10 principles for better assessment—and a vision for how assessment can be integrated into learning.

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Show What You Know

This publication is a landscape analysis of the status of competency-based education in the U.S., including recommendations for action.