Future of Learning

To Reopen, America Needs Laboratory Schools

[…] school operating systems. Opening our doors will open new opportunities for thinking deeply about how we support all students to thrive and learn. Stacey Childress, CEO of NewSchools Venture Fund, calls this education’s “Apollo 13 moment”: Safeguarding our school systems for re-entry can feel a bit like getting back to Earth with a mismatched […]

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20 Invention Opportunities in Learning & Development

[…] decentralized American education system. Thematic and regional examples include: ●Insights from the science: Turnaround for Children and the Learner Variability Project from Digital Promise ●New school models: NewSchools Venture Fund and the Walton Innovative Schools Program ●Talent development: 4.0 Schools, LatinX Collaborative ● Ecosystem catalysts: LearnLaunch in Boston, LEANLAB in Kansas City, The Mind […]

Future of Learning

Podcast: 20 Trends in 20 Minutes

[…] on LGBTQ rights and visible campaigns (e.g., #BlackLivesMatter, #MeToo) in response to unaddressed inequity have caused learning institutions to reconsider their culture, practices, and policies. In 2017, NewSchools Venture Fund studied race, inclusion, diversity, and equity in education organizations and identified big gaps. In response, they have been promoted to diverse leadership. Education Board […]

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