Teachers and Technology Personalize the ESL Classroom

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Technology can be used to improve schooling outcomes and to promote school engagement for families of English Language Learners (ELLs).

According to Dr. Bernadette Musetti, “technology tools can help to accelerate language development, while minimizing the digital divide and the ‘opportunity to learn’ gap for English Language Learners and their families. Blended learning, when done well, is a complementary approach to what we know works with English Language Learners and helps to meet the critical needs of more time for learning, more language and content access, more differentiated instruction and more formative assessment. Well-utilized state-of-the-art technology tools can transform not only learning, but schooling itself, for English Language Learners and their families.”

  • 5 million students speak English as an additional language in schools across the United States
  • It’s expected that English Language Learners will constitute approximately 40 percent of the PK–12 population by 2030

In the Teachers and Technology Personalize the ESL Classroom Toolkit, we shared strategies and ideas for ESL educators using online programs in blended environments. This toolkit is designed for educators and facilitators who are using an online language program as the primary or supplemental form of instruction.

Included in this toolkit:

Tips for Getting Started. ESL educators implementing an online learning program should ensure that their classroom is ready for the program and that they are set up to be successful. In this section, readers will find tips and strategies for successful implementation.

Personalizing in a Blended Environment. It is important when working with English Language Learners to personalize. Readers will find strategies and ideas for how to personalize instruction through the content, process, pace and products.

Connecting with Families. Families often want to know how students are doing, especially when educators are using new online programs and students are learning another language. Learn quick tips for how to connect with families and communicate how students are progressing in the classroom.

For more on these ideas, download the toolkit today!

And, visit the Rosetta Stone Get Language Ready site for more on the Language Learning Suite.

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