EdTech Acquisition Will Enhance Engagement and Strengthen Conceptual Understanding in Math

Today Curriculum Associates announced their acquisition of the award-winning game company Motion Math. The move will bring Motion Math’s high quality games to millions more elementary students to help strengthen math fluency and number sense skills while supporting the development of a healthy growth mindset. The Motion Math team will join Curriculum Associates’ i-Ready instruction team, bringing deep expertise in developing games that support student engagement and further achievement. In support of i-Ready’s robust instructional platform, the new team will develop integrated new game offerings to enrich students’ experience as they develop math skills critical to success throughout their academic career.

“We are thrilled to partner with Motion Math both because of the integrity of their games and because of the close alignment of our values, which put student learning first,” said Rob Waldron, CEO of Curriculum Associates. “This is only the second company we’ve acquired in our nearly 50-year history, a testament to the high regard in which we hold Motion Math’s remarkable product. We look forward to enriching the i-Ready learning experience for the millions of students we serve with this unique offering.”

Headquartered in North Billerica, Massachusetts, Curriculum Associates is perhaps one of the industry’s greatest EdTech success stories. The former workbook publisher grew into an industry leader without  taking outside capital, instead bootstrapping an adaptive learning business from scratch. In the last 5 years, the company has quadrupled in size, growing into a $190 million blended learning giant and serving over 5 million students with their i-Ready adaptive learning program. Most recently, their CEO and founder were recognized for their deep commitment to philanthropy after their move to “give the company away to charity” and named among Entrepreneur Magazine’s 50 Most Daring Entrepreneurs of 2017.

“To help children find delight in intellectual challenge—that’s our team’s mission, and we’re delighted to continue it with our new colleagues at Curriculum Associates,” said Jacob Klein, CEO of Motion Math. “This partnership means our current and future games will impact millions more students, including a large percentage of students in Title I districts.”

In reflecting on the power of games to ignite deeper learning, Klein added, “When well-designed, learning games can challenge and deeply engage students while building a love of learning. Our goal has always been to light this spark and power students not only through their school years, but also throughout a lifetime of math exploration.”

What started as a Master’s degree project for Klein and his co-founder Gabriel Adauto in the Learning Design Technology program at Stanford University, Motion Math uses feedback and coaching to challenge and empower students to work through and gain understanding of difficult concepts (a structure that encourages the development of growth mindset). Their library of award-winning games, which features more than 500 levels of adaptive (a Curriculum Associates specialty), game-based content focused on addition, subtraction, fractions, number line, division, multiplication, proportions, estimation, and measurement, will will be offered as a supplement to i-Ready and later integrated into the instructional platform.

Klein and his team are excited to join the Curriculum Associates team, bringing their passion for learning games and deep expertise to the i-Ready program in service to students nationwide. As Klein shared, Curriculum Associates “has mastered service and professional development,” and  he and his team are eager for the opportunity to develop new offerings with a company that has deep insight into the districts and schools they serve and the ability to provide comprehensive training and ongoing support.

We’re excited about the change this will bring to Curriculum Associates, most importantly for the richer learning experiences it will create for students and educators. Follow along as we continue to share more about the partnership and the enhancements this will bring to i-Ready users.

Jessica Slusser

Jessica is the Senior Director of Impact at Getting Smart. She leads business development and growth of advocacy campaigns, advisory services, product development, marketing, and Getting Smart's blog. As part of her role, Jessica also oversees team events, conferences, and speaking engagements.

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