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The Future of Learning Is…

The world and work are ever-changing and increasingly dynamic, yet the need to prepare students for this world remains constant. With the influx of artificial intelligence embedded in learning platforms, and the growing traction of competency-based, blended and more personalized learning, educators know they need to change their tune, but are often not sure how to integrate each of these integral shifts into their teaching and learning. Schools that are already excelling and implementing innovative practices need to know how to incorporate and add new models into existing frameworks.

The changing landscape has already impacted what learning looks like in K-12 classrooms–more personalized, online and tied to real-world causes (check out our recent podcast where Getting Smart team members address these topics). Adam Kulaas, Director of Coaching at Getting Smart, would say that it is also “crafted by the learner and for the learner.”

As a result of changes in technology, students are connecting more than ever through smart technology and platforms. How can educators respond and transform their practices? What does a blended, competency-based school day look like where students engage in projects to demonstrate their learning? How does artificial intelligence play a role in a school that provides place-based experiences for students?

These are the questions we hear from educators in the field, and we will be to addressing them in our #FutureofLearning campaign.
While the future of learning is in many ways largely unknown, we do believe that there are ten (and possibly more) topics in particular that will be necessary to unpack when considering what the future of learning looks like for young people and adults.

1) Learner Experience

2) Youth Development

3) Assessment for Growth 

4) Building and Managing Comprehensive Learning Profiles

5) Competency and Credentials

6) Talent Development

7) EdTech

8) Governance and Policy

9) New School Models        

10) Architecture of Education

Continue to follow #FutureofLearning as we explore these ten big ideas what’s next for young people and adults in both formal and informal spaces of learning. If you think we missed something or there is another topic that belongs on the list, leave us a comment below.

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