Earn and Learn as You Teach Chinese Kids English on VIPKID

As global trade, travel and communication increase, it’s increasingly important for young people to grow up bilingual or multilingual. Students and teachers need the opportunity to extend and expand their global understandings and skills.
Over 3,000 teachers, 85% in North America, are teaching Chinese children English on VIPKID. The split screen video conferencing platform shares a lesson and picture of the student.
The engaging content is Common Core aligned (a marketing plus in China), but it’s the teachers that make the difference on VIPKID.
Teachers are interviewed, trained and well equipped to teach English on VIPKID. They receive feedback and benefit from ongoing training.
tumblr_inline_obxkvr9DME1tpruci_500Most VIPKID teachers work about 10 hours a week and earn about $1,000 per month. They can choose when they want to work but peak times are between 5:00-10:00 a.m. on eastern time and weekends.
Student choice is integrated into the design of the platform, as students can identify a teacher preference. Some stick with one teacher while others enjoy variety.
“We look for teachers with passion and love, teachers who really want to help the kids,” said CEO Cindy Mi.
Before founding VIPKID in 2013, Cindy worked in tutoring centers for 14 years. Students visited the centers for three-hour sessions. She has learned that two 25 minute sessions online is far more engaging and more effective than those long in person sessions.
“About 50 percent of the communication is nonverbal,” explained Mi. “It takes about three classes to get used to teaching online.” A little practice results in great student interaction. In this video, she shares more about VIPKID and its vision:

The 30,000 students are 5-12 years old. They come from all over China, about half from a few big cities. VIPKID the leading online education platform for teaching kids in China.The company’s goal is to provide an American elementary school experience to Chinese children online–from the comfort of their home.
VIPKID raised $125 million from prominent investors including Alibaba chairman Jack Ma.
Investment to date has supported a sophisticated platform to improve the student experience and to provide teachers with assessment data and comments from the previous teacher. The information equips teachers to personalize learning for each student. They currently support more than 10,000 classes each day.
VIPKID engageIn a trip to California last week, Cindy met with 30 teachers. Some were California public school teachers that appreciate a second income. Others are retired or are taking a year off after the birth of a child.
Want to learn more about teaching English online and connect beyond your own classroom? Check out the VIPKID blog for some great teacher stories.
VIPKID added 1,000 teachers last month and intends to continue hiring at that pace. Interested? Sign up here.
For more on language acquisition see:

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Sounds interesting, will check it out. By the way is it possible to incorporate TPRS method into teaching via this app? This is one of my favorite methods simply because correct production, in both speaking and writing, is a goal of TPRS. In TPRS, as it is currently practiced by most teachers who use it, grammar is taught in context by means of frequent brief questions and explanations about the function and meaning of grammatical features. For a fuller understanding of how grammar is dealt with in TPRS, as well as innumerable other details, see the latest edition, the 5th, of the book Fluency through TPR Storytelling by Blaine Ray and Contee Seely (https://www.amazon.com/Fluency-Through-Storytelling-Contee-Seely/dp/0929724216 ). The 6th edition is to be published shortly.
In TPRS, speaking is hardly neglected. On the contrary, due to repetitive engaging comprehensible input, real speech generally begins to emerge early. By “real” I mean speech which is not memorized or read aloud but which learners produce to express what they want or need to say. Personalized conversation directed at individuals by the teacher is one significant technique among many.
That's how I have tutored ESL writers with http://essay.expert/ and it seems to work with them.

sam sutton

My fiancee is in china and has an 8 year old son with no english skills. There are no chinese to english friendly schools in my area so I believe he will have to be homeschooled until he has a good enough grasp on the language. Would this program be right for him? If so please email me with details on how I can sign him up when he gets here and possible a quote
Sam Sutton

Jessica Akongo

This is so nice.Am glad of what is happening in the world.How can i join?

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