It’s no secret that we’re big fans of maker education. So during this official National Week of Making 2016, we share with you stories around all types of making–from making updates to apps supporting education to making a difference through funding edtech startups, this week’s edition celebrates many who are making a positive impact on the world of education.

Want to read more about makered? We have a few blogs that might interest you:

Blended Schools & Tools

1. Personalized Learning Guru

Digital Developments

2. Measures That Matter

3. Office 365 Education Updates

Dollars & Deals

4. Africa’s Got Tech Talent

5. Funding Brainiacs

6. Knowledgemotion in Motion

7. Flocabulary Funding (check out Getting Smart’s recent blog on Flocabulary)

Stem Gems

8. 1,400+ Make a Maker Promise

Teachers & Tech-ers

9. Professional Learning That Transforms

10. Teacher Powered Schools

For more, see:

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