14 Quotes to Remind Us We Are Changemakers


Maybe it’s the momentum of the new year. Maybe it’s because it’s Martin Luther King Day. Maybe it’s because I spent a good chunk of my Saturday going through file boxes of my comprehensive exam papers and dissertation research related to education equality and social justice. Maybe it’s because I’ve been in a lot of conversations lately with colleagues about what drives the work we all do. Whatever the reason, I’m feeling a strong pull to get back to my roots–the roots that connect me to my purpose. You know what I mean, because you have roots too. The roots of our passion for education. The roots of our commitment to all kids. The roots that feed us and nourish us, even when we feel like the work is too hard or too big or too idealistic. The roots of the changemakers that came before us and the changemakers we’re hoping to inspire as teachers, leaders and parents every day.
Here are 14 quotes to get us there. Quotes to remind us where we came from and where we are going, why we’re here and how we got there, why we get up every morning ready to hit the ground running and why we go to bed every night exhausted, why we have to keep learning and why we have to stay committed.
Freire 4
Socrates 9
Rumi 8
Montessori 6
Mead 7
Rogers 13
Gandhi 10
Ford 11
Douglass 12
King 14
What about you? What helps you stay inspired and committed? Tell us in the comments or by tweeting us @Getting_Smart or sharing your quotes on our Facebook page. For more on leading change, see:

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Kathy Lutes

Those quotes are going up on my classroom walls. Thank you!

Carri Schneider

That's great Kathy! Glad you're inspired, too!


Great quotes! I love the colors :) My favorite is the one by Federick Douglass

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