Getting Smart is acknowledging people and organizations making a difference with the 3rd Annual Smart Lists. During October and November you’ll see about 20 ‘Best of’ lists, not in order, not exhaustive, just people we appreciate doing innovative work.

Today we are celebrating 10 great state STEM networks; 10 STEM networks and resources; and 14 maker resources.

State STEM Networks

STEM Networks & Resources

Maker Resources

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This Smart List is sponsored by the MIND Research Institute, who is on a mission to ensure that all students are mathematically equipped to solve the world’s most challenging problems. For more on MIND’s ongoing research about learning, mathematics and how the brain works as well as how they are creating innovative, visually-based software games that support effective learning environments for students and teachers, check out their website or follow them on social media.

* Learn Capital Partner, # Getting Smart Partner, ** Board member or Advisor


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