50 Things Millennials Must Read, Watch, Listen to and Know About

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For our Generation Do-it-Yourself (GenDIY) project we’ve been cataloging stories of students navigating pathways to college, career and contribution. As the token millennials on Team Getting Smart, a blog that shares what has worked for us is long overdue. We’re tolerant, educated, enterprising, and hyphenated. We’re navigating uncertainty in new ways, and weaving our way to futures we love by seizing opportunities that are unique to us.

So, here are some must-know books, shows, and opportunities for your bookmark bar, moleskin and Notes App.

What to Read

What to Watch

  • Roadtrip Nation. 11 seasons and counting! Watch the leader interviews.
  • THNKR. Improve your speaking skills — watch the PODIUM series.
  • Solve for X. Radical technology ideas for solving global problems (aka Moonshots).
  • Idea Channel. PBS show that examines connections between pop culture, tech and art.
  • VICE. Correspondents cover stories often overlooked by traditional media outlets.

What to Listen to

  • TED Radio Hour. An hour long podcast exploring the ideas of TEDTalks from around the world.
  • Moth Radio Hour. Features the tales and stories behind the the Moth stories.
  • Millennial Podcast. A podcast to detail what it’s like to to be a present-day Millennial.
  • StartUp. Entertaining and educational content relating to launching your own business.  
  • Freakanomics. Based on the book from economist Steven D. Levitt and author Stephen J. Dubner.
  • On Being. Host Krista Tippett brings on one guest each week for an honest, informative, and often gritty interview.
  • The Dave Ramsey Show. Very accessible show to help in managing money.
  • Ben Greenfield Fitness. For your wellness, because everyone needs a free personal trainer.
  • 99% Invisible. Reminds you that the world is full of unbelievable things.

Hack the Traditional HigherEd Experience

  • Minerva Schools. A new model of higher education where you live and work in seven cities across the world.
  • UnCollege. Provides Gap Year programs for young adults who want to drive their own education.
  • Udemy and Skillsoft. Informal online learning markets.
  • General Assembly. Specializes in tech, design, and management.
  • Udacity. Offers nano-degrees in web design and mobile app development.
  • The Flatiron School. Prepares students for careers in web and iOS development.  

Bootcamps, Fellowships, Programs, Incubators

  • StartingBloc. Participate in a 5-day experience with like-minded social entrepreneurs.  
  • AmeriCorps VISTA. One year, paid national service, building capacity with a non-profit.
  • The Passion Co. Participate in an in-person community based program to find and launch your passion.
  • Venture for America. Build companies and revitalize cities through entrepreneurship.
  • Unreasonable Institute. Incubator, 10-20 entrepreneurs to live under the same roof for 4-5 weeks.
  • Peace Corps. Volunteer and travel overseas to make a difference in the lives of real people.
  • Millennial Trains Project. Crowd-funded transcontinental train journeys for young innovators to explore America’s frontiers.
  • 4.0 Startup Weekend Education. 54-hour events for developers, designers, marketers, product managers, and startup enthusiasts to share ideas, form teams, build products, and launch startups.
  • TechStars. Provides $118,000 in seed funding, intensive mentorship, and an amazing network of mentors and alumni for 7-10% equity in your company.
  • Sundance Stories of Change Impact Lab. Story-based opportunities for leading social entrepreneurs and outstanding documentary filmmakers to collaborate and accelerate progress on key global issues.

Entrepreneurial Networks/Organizations

We survived graduating amidst the recession, we came of age with social media, and these are just some of the many things that have worked for us. What would you add?

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