Redbird Advanced Learning: Innovation Through Research

The Stanford Education for Gifted Youth (EPGY) program has served nearly a million students and was a pioneer of computer-based multimedia courses in Mathematics, Physics, English, and Computer Programming. EPGY was developed by a team of Stanford scholars including Dr. Patrick Suppes, a pioneer in adaptive learning with 40 years of citations to his credit.

Last year Stanford selected Redbird Advanced Learning, part of Rocket Group, to continue to develop and commercialize its EPGY products and services. The first new product is Redbird Mathematics, a K-7 supplemental program designed to promote algebra readiness.

Like other supplemental adaptive programs, Redbird Mathematics is designed for 20 – 30 minutes of use several times each week. It quickly zeroes in on each student’s instructional level and customizes lessons based on algorithms and learning pathways optimized based on 25 years of data analysis by Stanford researchers.

Students learn math through guided practice, 75+ games, digital manipulatives, and over 15,000 practice problems. Redbird Mathematics also teaches computational thinking and provides an introduction to coding. Grades 2-7 incorporate STEM project-based learning modules. The projects include videos and interviews regarding the use of relevant math skills in various STEM careers.

Blended PD. Jason Green, Executive Director of Blended Learning & PD, provided a demo of the new Redbird Professional Learning Platform developed with researchers from Stanford’s Graduate School of Education and designed to deliver personalized professional development in an engaging blended format. The initial course, Experience Blended Learning, is 15 hours of learning segmented in 20 minute modules of video, text, activities, and collaboration. Badges and points promote persistence. Next up is Common Core implementation. See video here.

In addition to math and PD, there is continued use of the EPGY Language Arts curriculum and expansions of Stanford’s parent-pay GATE programs via

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