Getting Smart on Coding for College & Career Readiness

Getting Smart on Coding for College & Career Readiness
Authored by Adam Renfro, Anthony Salcito, Greg Garner, Megan Mead, Tom Vander Ark & Tyler Nakatsu
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In partnership with: Microsoft

Coding is the most important language in the world right now.

With the increase in the use of technology, coding powers the machines and software that we use every day. As a language, its universality positions programming as a medium primed for collaboration. Coding also opens the door to entrepreneurial opportunities for anyone, regardless of their background.

The ability to code can level the playing field and provide access to college and careers for every student. With the uncertainty in ROI for traditional four-year postsecondary degrees, coding has become a lot less overwhelming and a lot more accessible and empowering. A Flatiron School jobs report shows that coding academies are quickly becoming an affordable alternative to college. This brings a new perspective to a subject that once was viewed as necessary for only a select few. Computer science is finally transitioning from being seen as a specific job training course to being recognized as a key element to a student’s 21st-century education.

The global importance of computer science is recognizable as policymakers and companies such as Microsoft support and act on its necessity in everyday life. Strong partnerships between the business and education sectors help students across the globe realize their passion and potential while boosting readiness for college and careers.

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This Smart Bundle was published in partnership with Microsoft to introduce students to computer science and shine a light on the importance of coding knowledge.

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