Yesterday our friends at Connections Academy released their 12th annual Parent Satisfaction Survey showing insight into why parents and students use online schools full-time. Connections invites all families with students enrolled in the academy to participate in the survey to gauge student/parent satisfaction.

The survey showed that, overall, families want more options for their students and greater flexibility when it comes to seat-time and learning styles. When asked, parents indicated their top three reasons for considering online schooling were a change from their child’s current school setting, a need or desire for a flexible schedule, and the desire for a safe learning environment.

Jennifer Jennings, parent of a Connections Academy student in central California said- “The teachers are exceptional and will respond quickly whenever I have a question. I can arrange my children’s lessons to coincide with our active lifestyle. My children are learning so much with Connections and I get to be a part of it, I get to watch it all happen first hand.”

Parents also appreciated the ability to be more involved in their child’s education, the flexibility online schooling awarded for students experiencing health concerns, and the ability for students to pursue arts and sports.

Mickey Revenaugh, co-founder and executive vice president for Connections, commented on today’s educational landscape – where families have choices when it comes to education. “For many students, who may not learn like the other kids in their class, there are increasingly more school options.  Full-time virtual school can be a great solution for students seeking a personalized learning experience and something outside of the traditional classroom.”

For more information, see the full press release.


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