EdPuzzle: A Piece of the Blended Solution

Creating an amazing learning environment is very similar to completing a challenging jigsaw puzzle. Whether the task calls for a blended classroom that is engaging, interactive, and creative, or for the finishing touches on a multi-faceted puzzle, many individual pieces need to be studied, understood, and properly used to bring the overall vision into focus. For the past eighteen years, the professional puzzle I have been most interested in stems from one question: “What resources and tools must I learn to continually evolve with the changing educational landscape in order to provide and co-create an effective and rocking learning space?” Well, I believe I just found another piece of this ever-challenging puzzle. Let’s take a look at what makes EdPuzzle so promising.

Search for Videos

EdPuzzle makes searching for educational videos easy by housing the exploration directly within its own site. Users can search from YouTube, TeacherTube, Vimeo, National Geographic, TED, Verisatium, Numberphile, Crash Course, Khan Academy, and LearnZillion. Gone are the days when content creators had to toggle back-and-forth from one browser tab to another to find the exact video, copy its hyperlink or embed code, and jump through a number of other cumbersome hoops just to produce an educational resource. Nope. No more. Just search directly within EdPuzzle, click “Use It,” and begin editing the video to fit your students’ needs.

Crop Videos

How many times have you found a video but only wanted to use a portion of it? Yeah, I know. There are sites for that, such as TubeChop. However, EdPuzzle allows video cropping as Step 1…of five total steps. No app mashing. No website jumping. In-house with EdPuzzle.

Add Audio Tracks

Do you need to speak over the entire video you have selected? No problem. EdPuzzle has you covered.

Add Audio Notes

Now, this part gets a little perplexing. Adding audio “tracks” should not be confused with adding audio “notes.” Whereas audio “tracks” must be recorded over the full video, audio “notes” may be added anywhere and for any length of time. Just remember that audio “notes” will cause the video to pause while the added recording plays. Once the audio “note” has finished playing, the video immediately picks up right where it left off. This unique feature is excellent for inserting little reminders to help students focus on specific details.

Embed Quizzes

If you need students to respond to specific prompts while viewing a video, EdPuzzle invites you to add “Quizzes.” By adding definitive and open-ended questions and instructions, students can submit their own understanding. Hyperlinks and images may also be added to enhance the addition of “Quizzes.”

Track Progress

EdPuzzle also offers analytics as a way to gauge students’ progress. Choose to download all data to a .csv file or simply assess your students’ comments in the “My Classes” section of EdPuzzle.

Grab Embed Code   

If you are using an LMS or a blog, grab the embed code from the “share” button and add your newly created video. Just make sure you have assigned your personalized video to your class before grabbing the code. This assures that the student data will be collected. Click here for a video tutorial from Quim at EdPuzzle that explains this simple process.

Bonus Features

Here are three bonus features worth mentioning: 1. “No skipping” may be selected by the content creator to make sure students have worked through the entire video; 2. The content creator may also share via Twitter and Facebook directly within EdPuzzle; 3. Students’ total time spent on a lesson may be viewed by clicking on “Progress” within the “My Classes” section; 4. Videos will automatically pause if a student clicks on another tab within the same browser.

Video Tutorial

If all of the aforementioned content is still unclear, take just a bit of your time and watch this video tutorial.
Care to try EdPuzzle as a student? Click here and get started. Once you learn the knobs, tabs, curves, edges, and overall potential of this educational website, you will surely add it to your teaching repertoire and consider it a piece of the blended and flipped puzzle.

John Hardison

John Hardison is an interactive facilitator of learning and blended learning specialist at East Hall High School (Studio 113 & EPiCC).

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Thank you very much for the review! It is really cool.
There is a small detail that I would like to clarify. If you embed an assignment in your LMS or Blog you will receive all the information from your students. Here is a small video tutorial that explains the process. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAlLbobqLdg
However, if you embed just the video, as you perfectly explain in the video you won't receive any information because it is not assigned to a class. :)
Thank you very much for your time,
P.S: We also offer the Project Based Learning experience for the students which is really cool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brdBA_3X_68

John Hardison

Thanks for clarifying the "embedding" process. I have made the necessary corrections to the blog post. I look forward to using EdPuzzle with our district's newly acquired LMS: http://www.gettingsmart.com/gettingsmart-staging/2014/05/canvas-instructure-perfect-lms-quite-possibly/

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