And the Winner Is…What Award Could You Give Your Teacher This Week?

Award shows have been around forever- the Oscars, the Grammys, the Tonys, etc. We gather around the TV in anticipation and see who is the “best” in their field. We want to see what they are wearing and hear the speeches, but really isn’t it about honoring talent and showing our appreciation for their willingness to share that talent?  This week is Teacher Appreciation Week – the week set aside to recognize all that hard work, talent and love teachers exhibit everyday.

Teacher Awards have been around for quite awhile, too- Teacher of the Year, Golden Apples, etc. etc. But we shouldn’t wait from some outside organization to honor the work our best teachers do everyday. For great teachers, the most meaningful recognition comes from their students.

Of course, most of us would never dream walking up on stage to receive some prestigious award in front of huge audience. That’s ok- that’s not what drives great teachers. Still, every teacher deserves to hear from their students, to remind them of the difference they are making. This is the week all teachers deserve to receive an award!

Here are 10 awards categories so many great teachers deserve. These awards can be as easy as writing a note, sending an email or just making a point to tell them face to face, whatever you choose- show your teachers you appreciate them this week!

Best Caregiver-  for that teacher who is always kind and caring towards students, removing the stress and nervousness students can feel- replacing it with a feeling a being safe and protected in the classroom.

Best Talent Agent – for that  teacher who is not only good at picking out their students’ individual strengths but helping them see something in themselves they didn’t know they had.

Most Creative Thinker– for that teacher whose lessons are never the same- always tailored for the current class of students (that takes A LOT of extra work!)

Class Clown–  for the teacher who always makes learning fun and filters life through with a great sense of humor.

Most Innovative-  for that teacher who is not afraid to tackle technology and pull out all the tools that will help every student learn most effectively.

The Demystifier Award– for that teacher who takes something that is seemingly impossible to understand and makes sense of it.

Coach of the Year– for that teacher who ensures that the classroom culture allows every student to comfortable in the classroom, and contribute their individual talents to make the class better, overall.

Best Place to Work – for that teacher who manages a classroom that makes students want to get out of bed in the morning and feel excited about coming to school.

Problem Solver of the Year– for that teacher who makes it work- from anything to student conflict to tech problems, it all turns out ok.

Who I Want to Be When I Grow Up Award– for that teacher that gives it all to their students. This award goes to the those who teaching isn’t just their job, but their hobby. The ones who live, sleep, eat and breath it.


What award would you give your favorite teacher? We’d love to hear in the comments below… but would love it more if you let them know how you feel in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week.

Alison Anderson

Alison Anderson

Alison Anderson is a Media Specialist at The Madeleine School.

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I was blessed. 99.9% of my teachers, from kindergarden through to post-doc each fitted at least one of the categories above. The 0.1% who didn't were a good reality check to help make us appreciate the others all the more. Great Teachers who inspire their learners are our salvation.

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