Fueling A Personalized Learning Revolution in Secondary Education

Fueling A Personalized Learning Revolution in Secondary Education
Authored by: Gregg Levin, Bruce Lovett, Carri Schneider, Tom Vander Ark
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In partnership with: FuelEducation
This white paper defines personalized blended learning in a secondary school environment and how partnerships can lead to successful outcomes. The goal of the paper is to describe how personalized, blended learning can improve access to high-quality learning opportunities for secondary students. The authors highlight the various experiences of students in districts across the country that are accessing FuelEd courses to blend learning.
The new paper covers:

  • Key term definitions, including a 10-point summary of the elements required to provide each student personalized, blended learning;
  • Case studies demonstrating how districts across the country are implementing blended learning in secondary grades and the impacts on student success;
  • The variety of blended learning models available for secondary schools;
  • Benefits being realized today by students and districts offering blended learning; and
  • A checklist of the key design principles to consider in implementing a personalized, blended learning program.

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