4 Innovative Online Teaching Tools for Computer Science

By: Julie Perrigan

As today’s computer technology becomes more complex and useful, it’s important for computer science majors to stay ahead of the curve. Every company, industry, and even a growing number of households rely on a variety of technological devices for their communications, operations, and security needs. The good news is that with all of this new technology comes even more convenient ways to learn more about computer science. Below are a handful of innovative tools to help college level computer science students perfect their skills.

If you’re looking to learn how to code from the popular kid on campus, Codecademy is definitely the way to go. Join the likes of Mayor Michael Bloomberg and learn how to code JavaScript, HTML, PHP, Python, Ruby, APIs and more. More than a billion lines of codes have been submitted to this free online tool, and this online education company continues to grow.
Google Code University
If you’re looking to dabble in Android development, or want to become more fluent in the world of “Google languages”, this is the perfect learning tool. This resource teaches students how to program and code. The site is broken up into sections such as stories, discussions and development tools. Students can also share their course materials, lectures, assignments and projects or even join a conversation with professors and industry leaders from universities around the world.
HTML5 Rocks
Google strikes again with HTML5 Rocks. This site includes in-depth information on specific HTML5 features. Users can swing by the code playground, join an interactive presentation, or view unique references guides, community sides and development tools.
Code Conquest
This free online guide to computer programming for beginners offers great step-by-step information to help anyone learn how to code. This site offers free code tutorials, training recommendations, training reviews and even job search assistance.
These tools provide a great start to learning necessary computer science skills online. With a little research and determination, anyone can hone their computer science skills. No longer do those who want to learn have to spend a fortune to perfect their skills. Check out these tools and online courses to make your computer science journey more enjoyable.
Julie Perrigan currently writes for DeVry University, a higher education organization offering online classes and online degree programs.  Visit DeVry.edu to learn about our online classes today.

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