We are excited to share the new infographic from PresenceLearning, the leading provider of live online speech and occupational therapy services for K-12 students and children with special needs. They just released this new infographic, A Trail Map for Parents: Your Child’s Special Needs,” showing the path and six key milestones that parents of children with special needs can use to help their children.

With over 400 carefully selected therapists delivering one-on-one and group therapy sessions to students via its online platform, PresenceLearning ensures that families of children with special needs can get access to top quality speech language pathologists (SLPs) or occupational therapists (OTs) regardless of geographic or scheduling constraints they might have. From early recognition and referral, to progress and re-evaluation, the colorful step-by-step guide suggests action items for parents and clearly sets goals for each stage of their journey along the path.



PresenceLearning is sponsoring a 30-minute webcast on November 20th to share the “who what when where how” about using live online occupational therapy to serve students with special needs. Hear from professionals about their experiences delivering online occupational therapy, and hear real success stories from the field.


PresenceLearning is a Getting Smart Advocacy partner.


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