Catching A Glimpse Into the Future of Learning Infographic and at EdCampHome

This infographic from Knowledge Works seems to articulate a very accurate prediction because it feels like many educators caught a glimpse into the future of  learning last Saturday morning while participating the first ever, EdCampHome event. And even though this infographic focuses on the student as a child, it can really apply to any learner, in this case, teachers.
Edcamp is an open, unconference style of professional development that is spreading like wild fire happening in brick and mortar buildings throughout the country. But, EdcampHome took it to the next level.
EdcampHome, 3 hours of free, online, cooperative yet personalized learning happened for over two hundred teachers inside their homes last Saturday morning. Four great educators, Shawn White, Kelly Kermode, David Theriault and Karl Lindgren-Streicher, pictured what online learning for teachers could look like, were determined to make it work and share it to others.
After being announced on Twitter and Google + for the few weeks leading up to the event, over 200 teachers joined in the event from all over the world on their personal computers, watching  David, Karl, Kelly  and Shawn kick things off from a Google Hangout on Air. Everyone was invited to brainstorm learning topics by positing virtual sticky notes on a collaborative digital cork board, hosted at Next, the moderators combined, organized and scheduled the topics into over a dozen different moderated hangout discussions, all hosted on a single website.  Up to 10 teachers could join each hangout and any number beyond that were free to watch and contribute their comments through Twitter.
Throughout the event, the organizers used multiple tools to make sure every learner received the support they needed, including Google hangout and Google +, Google shared spreadsheets and  documents, Twiiter, Lino, Today’s Meet, email and more. Teachers had their pick of dozens of topics on which to focus. The moderators were using skills to facilitate all this that no school of education teacher prep program lists in their curriculum! Still, EdCampHome enabled real conversations to happen between teacher/learners that were not even imaginable just a few years ago.
So many quotes included in the infographic below came to fruition during Edcamphome:
“School” will take many forms. Sometimes it will be self-organized.” 
“Learners and their families will create individualized learning playlists reflecting their particular interests, goals and values.”
“A wide variety of digital network, platforms, and content resources will help learners and learning agents connect and learn.”
“Educators’ jobs will diversify as many new learning agent roles emerge to support learning.”
“At the same time, geographic and virtual communities will take ownership of learning in new ways, blending it with other kinds of activity.”

A-Glimpse-into-the-Future-of-Learning-Infographic_0 (2)

If you were not able to attend, you can catch up on the archived sessions. But, truly, the magic was seeing it all develop live, with these four visionaries hard at work, coordinating people, topics, resources and platforms simultaneously. So yes, this infographic does capture a glimpse into the future because it happened at EdCampHome.  If you were also an EdCampHome attendee and see more connections to the future of learning, please add to the comments!

Alison Anderson

Alison Anderson

Alison Anderson is a Media Specialist at The Madeleine School.

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