Jail Breaking the College Degree

“It used to be that we would learn from a couple of institutions, early in our lives. That is no longer the case. Today, we learn from a diversity of sources over the entirety of our lives. Degreed helps bring all of that learning together into a profile that captures everything you learn and grows with you.” -David Blake, CEO of Degreed

Degreed.com is a new web app that feeds right into to what our Generation Zers will be looking for as they leave the world of formal education and transition into finding a career. The job market revolution has transformed the types of careers available as well as the skill set needed to land them, and a four-year college degree doesn’t always perfectly align .

Degreed is the place on the web where the paper work meets the cloud and every education experience obtained by an individual can be stored in an online flexible portfolio, always ready to be shared with future employers or colleagues.

After registering for free, you first add your degrees earned at brick and mortar institutions. Then you have options to log all the online learning you’ve completed.  MOOCs are multiplying daily, sponsored by some of the highest ranked universities in the world. As we are really just beginning to explore this type of learning, we are not always sure what to do with the results of these courses, especially if they don’t feed into a specific degree program. On Degreed, you can document every MOOC you complete from places such as Coursera, Udemy, etc. and keep it all logged in one place.

High quality online courses are instantly available for free or at a extremely reasonable fee to anyone who has access to a computer and the internet. Companies like Lynda.com (talked about before on Getting Smart), Treehouse, Code School, etc. award badges and certificates of completion for their different online courses. Now these accomplishments can be archived in your personal Degreed account. It also links and  automatically tracks your progress through online learning programs such as Khan Academy, Codecademy, even iTunes U.

Inside Degreed.com, you can do more than just collect your qualifications. You can search and find resources and classes for furthering your learning.  There is a curated library of 100s of FREE resources, categorized by subject- linking students to free higher ed learning for every possible subject one could imagine. You can also log conferences and events you’ve attended that have furthered your skill set as well as include videos, articles and books you’ve read that have formed your thinking and decision-making ability.

As you enter all these different learning events, Degreed credits and scores each one with a point system. Every time you enter a new experience you increase your Degreed score. They state their mission by saying: “Get credit for your education—all of it. Whether it is more or less than a 4-year degree, Degreed gives you the way to have your education validated and enables you to unlock relevant employment and educational opportunities.”

David Blake says “Today, I have far more data available on the daily, mundanities than I do on my or others’ college education that we spend tens of thousands of dollars on and dedicate years of our lives to. There is nothing else like it. When we graduate, we get a piece of paper and add a single bullet point to our resume.”

In today’s world, learning never needs to stop and at Degreed you can develop your personal online portfolio of that learning to truly reflect your life long learning experience.

Disclosures: Coursera and Udemy are portfolio companies of Learn Capital where Tom is a partner.
Alison Anderson

Alison Anderson

Alison Anderson is a Media Specialist at The Madeleine School.

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