Education Leaders Applaud FCC for Important Step in E-Rate Update

Great news for education and the effort towards providing high speed internet access to all students! The FCC voted to move forward with publishing their proposal for modernizing the E-Rate program-

“The program supports high-speed broadband to ensure all students, teachers, and library patrons have the tools they need to succeed in the 21st century. Upon news of the vote during today’s open FCC commission meeting, leaders of national education organizations focused on transforming America’s schools through personalized, student-centered learning opportunities released the following statement:

Today marks a renewed dedication from the FCC to ensure our students are truly prepared for both college and career in the 21st century. Far too many learning environments remain disconnected from the digital content and tools students need to achieve success in today’s society. The leadership of Acting Chairwoman Mignon Clyburn and Commissioners Jessica Rosenworcel and Ajit Pai lays the groundwork for improving connectivity and access to engaging learning opportunities and a world-class education.

It is imperative that education and telecommunications policy leaders work to re-energize our national commitment to ensure every student benefits from modern broadband access and increased educational opportunities. An update to the E-Rate program underlines the importance of harnessing the benefits of technology in all phases of a student’s education.

Teachers are personalizing learning using technologies to individualize instruction, expand access to content resources, provide feedback and use tools for deeper learning and problem solving. Together, new personalized learning models using technology are revolutionizing the way teachers teach and students learn and expanding the opportunities for engaging in world-class content and knowledge and developing 21st century skills.

We look forward to working with the Commission to update and revitalize the E-Rate program to support both new and ongoing learning opportunities for all students, help close persistent achievement gaps, and provide each student with every possible chance to achieve success — in school and beyond.”

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