Activate ED Names the Next Education Rockstar

The second Education Rockstar, Betsy Corcoran founder and CEO of EdSurge, in the Activate ED series is being released this morning- continuing the efforts “to further its mission to attract top leaders, managers, and analysts into education, where they can apply their diverse talents and skills in a purpose-driven career to support teachers’ important work with our nation’s students.”

Betsy Corcoran, a long time journalist for impressive publications, such as Scientific America, Washington Post and Forbes eventually landed her focus on educational technology.  “There’s not a bigger, better or more fascinating challenge right now than figuring out how people learn,” Corcoran says. “How do you build tools that really correspond to the needs of the teachers and students?”

Activate Ed provides another extensive toolkit, complete with 5 great articles with which Betsy looks to help build the relationship between the people in the classroom and the people building the technology. The “must-read” list collected by Betsy and her colleagues explains a little bit of the history, defines some of the edtech players, and talks about pedagogy and what learning really means.

Betsy Corcoran believes that learning really matters and if educational technology can inspire learning then there is a chance to really make a difference.

Education’s Rock Stars – Betsy Corcoran from Activate ED on Vimeo.

Click to check out Betsy’s entire Rockstar Toolkit here.

The Activate ED campaign is a collaboration of The Broad Center, Education Pioneers, and the Strategic Data Project —all have missions to transform education by supplying top leaders, managers, and analysts to the field.

We are very excited for the next in the series Activate Ed has created because we definitely enjoyed Tom’s feature, proud of the high quality resource we could help share with other talented people wanting to get involved and work towards making education better for students.

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