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Flipped Learning

Moving away from  being the “sage on the stage,” many, many teachers are wanting to “flip” their classroom but are looking for resources to aid them in doing it successfully. Founded in 2012, The Flipped Learning Network is providing teachers with the knowledge they need in order to accomplish this inside the classroom.  Wanting to be sure the research was present to support these teachers decisions, Flipped Learning partnered with Pearson k12 and Innovation Network to provide the research needed to support this transformative model. The FLN community has over 12,000 members already but will surely grow in numbers this year as more students, parents and teachers look to flipped learning to individualize and strengthen instruction.


A new release of  iLit supports reading teachers in grades 6-10 currently and will be adding grades 4-5 soon. All the work is done on the iPad, the reading as well student work. It allows teachers to set the routine of 90 minute blocks for the students, including time for teachers to model comprehension strategies, as well as read  and think aloud time. The library includes over 400 non-fiction texts, which is important when trying to meet the Common Core standards. iLit offers three different reading difficulty levels but only the teacher can see the levels, taking away the need to group the students according to ability and, therefore, removing the stigma, or labels students receive when being placed in a specific reading group.  With iLit, teachers can differentiate behind the scenes. Specific information is located at


Provides schools with a way to monitor students and identify the ones at risk of failing, enable intervention and then tracks the students progress. This year, the aimsweb interface gets a huge facelift. Together with the people at IDEO, a global design firm famous for taking “a human-centered, design-based approach” has completely changed the users’, both teacher and student, interaction with the site. The new design strives to present the data in intuitive,dynamic and understandable formats that will quickly monitor student progress and lead to overall better student outcomes.  The reports are customizable anywhere from student to district level, and can be fully interactive in order to improve student achievement all around.


Puts everything the students and teachers need for their on-line learning in one place. OpenClass integrates with Google apps, learn 360 as well 700,ooo items in the library. It allows teachers to have their teaching resources in the same location and organize in order for their students to succeed. It is a collaborative space for teachers and Social media is built into the platform so students can collaborate, as well. Gary Allen, director of Education Technology, from the Antelope Valley Union High School District in Lancaster,CA has a full virtual high School, Virtual Academy Antelope Valley, through the OpenClass platform because teachers can not only communicate with the students around the clock but enables them to transform what they are doing in the classroom, physical or virtual.


A curriculum management system, Schoolnet, brings data to administrators and teachers so that there was one place to keep all the student learning information in one place. Schoolnet is integrated with Reading Street Common Core and enVisionMATH Common Core and simplifies lesson planning, integrates aligned assessment and allows for data to be more meaningful to the teachers.

SuccessMaker for iPad

Available this fall, SuccessMaker tailors reading and math instruction to the individual student, analyzing performance and then automatically adjusting the instruction to meet the student learning needs. Each student starts by making their choice of background that fits their personality. Depending on student achievement, instruction is delivered by a someone that appeals to their grade level, for the elementary students its a animated avatar and middle school students learn from peer videos, explaining the concepts of reading and math they are assigned.  The SuccssMaker for iPad allows for students to be independent learners while still following guidelines, making progress and reaching learning goals throughout the year.

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