5 Ideas for the One iPad Classroom

I am excited to be part of a plan to roll out iPads to all teachers in my school this spring.
All classroom teachers in our schools will be getting an iPad, an Apple TV for projection and a stand to utilize the device as a document camera. The initial goal of this one iPad classroom is to allow wireless mirroring of an iPad through the projector in the classroom. This will add some interactivity and recording capabilities.
I can think of many good ways to utilize this iPad equipped classroom, but of course, this is not yet something I have gotten my hands on so my depth of knowledge and experience has a lot of room for growth. Here are some things I hope to try.
iPad Anchor Activities
Make efficient use of instructional time by taking advantage of the projection device to capture students’ attention during transitions and provide a focus for discussion or to prompt writing, blogging would be a good fit.

Virtual Field Trips on the iPad
There are so many amazing sites for virtual field trips. One of the most visually stunning and interesting places to explore the wonders of the world is The Google Wonders Project. Virtual visitors can get off the beaten path and explore wonders from 6 continents up close through Google’s amazing street view technology. Find factual information, stunning images, 3-D models and videos right on the page. This is an amazing teaching tool.
 The Flipped Classroom: Use the iPad to Record and Publish Lessons
One of the benefits of this iPad setup is the ability to quickly record and publish lessons through the use of creativity apps such as Educreations, Show Me and Explain Everything. This allows students to have alternate access to learning resources in case they are absent or if they need further review. In order to efficiently manage the use of different tools to fit specific needs, it would be beneficial to utilize an online learning platform to keep things organized. Edmodo’s app is very functional and it looks like a good place to start.
Create Video on the iPad
On another level, the One iPad Classroom is a great place for students to create, record and publish video. Here are a few ideas.

  • Create videos and capture images to illustrate real world math problems.
  • Capture science experiments,
  • Record a song or movement exercise.
  • Let students demonstrate learning by recording and narrating a sample.

Classroom Tools for the iPad
Traffic Light – Use this digital traffic light for behavior management.
Stick Pick – Use this tool to choose a random student or take advantage of suggested question starters for learners at different levels. Record student responses during discussions.
Kids Writing Pad Use this basic large lined writing pad for practicing numbers and letters to make sure you draw them appropriately. Choose the color of your pencil or use an eraser . Update Your Globe and your math tools.
Final Thoughts about the One iPad Classroom
The introduction of iPads into our classrooms is certain to bring about many changes and a significant amount of learning for all. I intend to embrace the changes that are about to occur and look forward to exploring the One iPad Classroom.

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Sharon Pennell

Can you tell me if there are currently any grant resources for obtaining this type of classroom technology?



Hello Sharon. I'm afraid that my area of expertise is not in finding grant resources for classroom technology so I don't have advice for you, but I do wish you the best of luck.


I need to understand what kind of projector I can buy. Need to use with adapter for large screen in my classroom. Do you have any experience here?



Hardware is not my area of expertise, but I can tell you that the setup is supported by most projectors, as long as they have a VGA cord, which is the cord that connects the projector to a computer. It is that VGA cord that connects to an adapter, known as an ATV Pro HDMI to VGA Adapter. The adapter then plugs in to the Apple TV.

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