Tom Picks “Customize Your Edmodo Account

Tom says, “Adam provides a great overview of the blossoming Edmodo app store….and even works in a little Pink Floyd.”

Karen Picks “Smart Cities: Boston”

Karen says, “Boston has an amazing collections of learning innovators.”

Carri Picks “LEGO Launches First Language Arts Solution: StoryStarter

Carri says, “This story about LEGO’s entry in the Language Arts shows a great example of how technology can break down traditional barriers – in this case the walls between disciplines. Teachers have long known of the benefits of multi-disciplinary instruction, but often struggle finding the time and resources to do it consistently. This LEGO example provides teachers will a great tool, that many children are already comfortable with, to encourage more and better writing.  What’s more, the next-step of uploading student creations and collaborating online is a really cool way for students to practice for the online assessments coming soon.”

Allison & Sarah Pick “Why A Badge is Better Than an A+

Allison says, “Proficiency based learning is a great way to establish mastery of a concept. I think these badges are a great way to motivate students to learn.”

Sarah says, “I love the concept of badges. With the help of digital learning, students today can demonstrate and obtain mastery of learning at a personalized pace – rather than receive arbitrary points and letter grades to progress through levels of learning.”


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