Data Quality Campaign (DQC) today released its annual state analysis, Data for Action 2012, which highlights states’ progress in supporting effective education data use to improve student achievement.

“Initial findings suggest that even though states have made progress toward enabling data use beyond blaming and shaming, they have not changed the culture of data in education to focus on continuous improvement. They have made significant systems and policy strides; however, they have not focused on meeting people’s needs, especially teachers and parents,” according to the announcement.

The analysis takes a close look at systems, policies, and people to advise on outcome improvements with the use of education data. Key findings point to effective use of data:

  • Data is linked and states have ensured sustainability
  • Data is accessible, analyzed, and used; and
  • Stakeholders have capacity to use data.

The findings are consistent with other recent reports on data in education. In October, Digital Learning Now! released “Data Backpacks: Portable Records and Learner Profiles” that focuses on how data systems can be expanded to better serve the needs of students, teachers and families through the creation of a common electronic student record and expanded comprehensive learning profile.

DQC is hosting a Twitter Town Hall Meeting today at 2pmET under the hashtag #DFA2012 to discuss the details of the release with thought leaders @FiftyCAN, @AchieveInc, @Ceci_DC, @USChamberICW, @ExcellinED, @John_Bailey, @msdf_foundation, and @PIENetwork.

DLN is a Getting Smart Advocacy Partner. John Bailey serves on the Board of DQC.


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