6 Tools to Prepare Students & Parents for College

By Jeet Banerjee
Getting accepted into college is becoming more difficult each year. Parents have to worry about paying for college, picking a safe school, and ensuring their students get the most out of a college education, while students are stressing about getting accepted. Below are six tools to prepare for college:

  1. Big Future: Big Future is a sister brand of the famous ACT/SAT test taker College Board. This website is superb for students and parents. Students can do basic research on colleges and find careers that they want to explore. Parents are able to get the facts about college while finding ways to pay for college.
  2. StatFuse:StatFuse is a new website released by high school graduates that aims to help students and parents with college. Students are able to calculate chances to colleges, increase chances of getting accepted, take virtual campus tours, and much more using a variety of their incredible tools.It gives the lowdown about college, helping parents and students follow a roadmap that will lead to their success. The website tells parents important information about colleges such as cost, financial aid details, safety, and much more.
  3. Fastweb:Fastweb is one of the leading scholarship providers available on the internet. They offer very large funding opportunities for students through scholarships, promotions, and even contests. This is a great website for students since they can apply for scholarships and explore different career choices.Parents are able to learn about the scholarship process and even get strategic tips to help their students. Fastweb also has a financial aid section that helps inform parents about the process of acquiring government funding for college.
  4. Princeton Review:Princeton review focuses mainly on the topics of SAT/ACT testing. It helps students increase their scores and conquer the college admissions tests. With a large number of success stories, Princeton review has been hailed as one of the best test-prep websites on the Internet.Along with its test prep services, it allows parents the opportunity to attend free workshops and events to learn more about the college process. This helps parents get familiarized with the college process.
  5. BenchPrep:Whether you are looking to study for the SAT/ACT or do independent studying, BenchPrep has a solution for you. BenchPrep is an innovative application that allows students to study anywhere, anytime!Its interface even permits students to study on a device of their choice making studying easier than ever before. This application is great because it allows students the flexibility to study in bed or even out on the beach!
  6. PossibilityU:PossibilityU is another great website that aides students and parents with the college admission process. Best of all, they help take a load of work off the plates of already-busy high school counselors.They create custom college searches, provide financial aid, and improve admission outcomes. Best of all, this website offers various payment options making it easy to find a plan that fits your needs!

Jeet Banerjee is a serial entrepreneur, consultant, tech expert, and blogger. He has most notably founded tech companies; StatFuse and Vintelli. His passion for entrepreneurship came soon after he graduated from high school looking to help others. Follow Jeet on Twitter at @thejeetbanerjee.

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