CompassLearning Announces Contest For Best Ideas in K-12 Personalized Learning

News brief: Ideal Learning Environment Contest to Uncover the Best Ideas in K–12 Personalized Learning from Students, Teachers and Community

Compass Learning, the leader in K–12 personalized learning software, to award $15,000 for winning video of a personalized learning environment that inspires academic success and personal growth
Austin, TX – September 13, 2012 – The majority of students report1 they are bored in school. Teachers, who are being asked to do more with less, report2 they are demoralized and even burned-out. With reports like this, it is clear we have work to do to create the ideal learning environment for each and every student. Yet, there is hope. Americans are the most innovative and creative people in the world. Teachers pursue careers in education with a passion to reach students and unlock their potential—inspiring students to be prepared for 21st century success. Technological innovation is moving at warp speed, and today’s students are engaged as digital natives on a level never imagined just a decade ago.
The team at Compass Learning is excited about the opportunity to make learning personal for each and every student, while also empowering every teacher to do what they do best: help students learn. To that end, Compass Learning is launching a contest encouraging students, educators and the public to define the “Ideal Learning Environment.”
The Compass Learning “Ideal Learning Environment” video contest invites students, teachers and others with an interest in education to submit videos that describe their ideal learning environment. To enter, applicants must visit Compass Learning’s Facebook page ( and click the “Like” button to get details. Contestants will submit video recordings through the contest platform that define or demonstrate their ideal learning environment—one that fosters creativity, sparks curiosity and encourages 21st century skill development—and makes them want to learn.
“When learning is personalized to the ability level, interests, learning style and expression style of each student, their capacity to learn and succeed improves,” said Eric Loeffel, chief executive officer for Compass Learning. “We see students and teachers using our software, content and curriculum to personalize learning and achieve significant academic gains and personal growth by centering education on the individual needs and interests of each student. Now we want to hear how students and teachers would use personalized learning to create the ideal learning environment.”
Video entries may be as simple as a recording made on a cell phone or as elaborate as a produced video. Videos must be three minutes or less in length. The winner will be selected through a combination of public votes and a panel of judges. This will be a three-round selection process. The cash prize of $10,000 will go to the winning contestant; an additional award of $5,000 will go to: (1) the winning entrant’s school, if the entrant is a student; or (2) if the entrant is home-schooled or not a student, to a non-profit organization that supports educational programs, such as a children’s museum or library.
Finalists and other creative entries will be shown during Compass Learning’s meet-up and other events during SXSWedu in March of 2013. The videos will also be shared with education innovators, teachers, administrators and others with an interest in improving student learning to determine if the ideas can be implemented or supported across a broader educational spectrum and/or in classrooms across the country.
Judges for Compass Learning’s “Ideal Learning Environment” will be:

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